Playing educational games with your kids

Playing educational games with kids not only makes them smarter but will also bring you and your child closer.


Motor Skills:

Educational games that invite physical interaction play an important role in motor skills development especially with toddlers. Games like Twister help coordinate the brain with the body helping them strengthen their balance.


Social Development:

An expert at Children’s Hospital in Boston mentioned that interactive games help develop social skills at a young age. When the parents are away, kids have to interact with each other coming up with their own rules and directions on how to play.


Focus and Memory:

Playing educational games also has the benefit of increasing the attention span of kids. Kids who get frustrated easily might tend to quit early if they don’t see immediate results but, with educational games, your child will be willing to stick it out knowing that they’ll get a prize or reward at the end. Your kids will also start improving their test scores as a result of playing with concentration and mathematical type games which teach memorization and repetition.

Self Esteem:

Educational Video games seem to improve self-esteem. For example, solving a puzzle provides a feeling of accomplishment which will definitely benefit their lives down the road.



Educational games such as Pictionary or Cranium push kids to think outside the norm. Expanding their creativity will help with nurturing self-esteem and self-acceptance.

See educational games for the whole story.

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